past translations 2003-2012

books 2CoBrA: The Colour of Freedom – The Schiedam Collection, Marcel Hummelink, Christel Kordes, Klawa Koppenol, Lies Netel (Stedelijke Museum Schiedam and NAi Publishers, 2003)

OASE 86: Baroque [Independent Peer-Reviewed Journal for Architecture], Martijn van Beek, Maarten Delbeke, Job Floris, Ruben Molendijk (OASE Foundation and NAi Publishers, 2011)

OASE 89: Medium – The Mid-Size City as a European Urban Condition and Strategy [Independent Peer-Reviewed Journal for Architecture], Michiel Dehaene, Klaske Havik, Bruno Notteboom, Philippe Vandenbroeck, Bart de Zwart (OASE Foundation and nai010 publishers, 2012)

Scramble City – Cross Section of a Fictitious Secondary City, Tijs van den Boomen, Lada Hrsak, Michiel van Iersel, Arnold Reijndorp (Mondriaan Fund, 2012)

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